The Network H+C team

Dr Smallbone is the Director of the EPSRC Network+ for the Decarbonisation of Heating and Cooling and an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering at Durham University.

With funding from industry, Innovate UK, EPSRC, H2020, Energy Technology Institute, and Local Enterprise Partnerships, he leads a diverse portfolio of numerical modelling and demonstration projects which cut across multi-vector energy systems, decarbonising power, heat and wider industry, advanced thermochemical heating and cooling networks, hydrogen powered combined heat and power technologies, industrial heat pumps, pumped heat energy storage, and industrial carbon, capture and utilisation.
Assistant Professor at Durham University with expertise on energy storage, sorption cooling, heat pump, and low-grade heat utilisation. She delivered the EPSRC projects “IDRIST” and ‘Heat-STRESS’ which investigated innovative technologies and optimal supply of space heating and hot water using thermal solar energy and storage technologies.

Dr Bao is the lead of Theme 1: Primary engineering technologies and systems for decarbonisation
Director of the Institute of Energy Futures (IEF) at Brunel University London and is a Deputy Director of the Thermal Energy Challenge Network. He is PI and Co-I for 17 EPSRC projects, for instance, the Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains, Optimising Energy Management in Industry, and Low Temperature Waste Heat to Power Generation. His work covers efficient energy utilisation in the built environment, industry and the food chain deploying heat pumps, power generation and tri-generation, refrigeration systems, and low energy heating and cooling technologies.

Professor Tassou is the lead of Theme 2: Underpinning technologies, materials, control, retrofit and infrastructure.
Professor Taylor holds a Chair in Sustainable Energy Systems at the University of Leeds. With over 25-years of experience leading interdisciplinary, whole energy systems analysis, he is co-I with the Centre for Research on Energy Demand Solutions, the UK Energy Research Centre Phase 4, Supergen Energy Networks Hub, the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy - Transition Phase and an EPSRC project on Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems. Previously, he was PI of the Consortium for Modelling and Analysis of Decentralised Energy Storage and co-I on a number of other EPSRC funded projects. He leads Theme 3: Future energy systems and economics.
David leads the Urban Energy Research Group (UERG) within Heriot-Watt’s Institute of Sustainable Building Design. His work covers energy demand modelling, building simulation, energy efficiency, and application of statistical techniques. He is Co-I of CESI (EP/P001173/1) and the £20M ReflexOrkney project which links renewable supply with energy demand; and PI of the £1.3M Newton-Bhabha CEDRI project analysing the relationship between occupants, buildings and energy networks. He has worked on UK Government reports on low energy building policy and is on the Joint Housing Policy and Energy Assessment Working Groups for Scottish Government. He leads Theme 4: Social impact and end users’ perspectives.
Dr Tina Fawcett is Senior Researcher in the Energy Programme, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on energy demand and demand-side policy for households and organisations. Fawcett is leading the ‘policy and governance’ theme in the Centre for Research on Energy Demand Solutions. She is also involved in Energy Superhub Oxford, a large InnovateUK demonstration project on the future of heating, EVs and battery storage. She has published on heating, heat pumps and policy. Dr Fawsett leads Theme 5: Policy Support and leadership for the transition to net-zero.

Our management team

Dr Janie Ling Chin is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Engineering at Durham University. She has managed and carried out transport/energy research across multiple EPSRC-funded networks.

Our network team

Professor Jon Gluyas is Director of DEI at Durham University. He works on geothermal energy, energy systems integration, and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), is Co-I of Centre of Energy Systems Integration and the Chairman of the British Geological Survey.
Dr Andrew Peacock has 20-year experience in energy system analysis and control development. He is PI and Co-I of on-going EPSRC projects, Community-scale Energy Demand Reduction in India and CESI. Previously, as Researcher Co-I, he delivered decision support for building adaption and technology assessment, leading to two start-up companies (Energyflo Ltd and Farm-Hand Ltd) which are directed by him.
Professor Alexey Burluka is the Head of the Future Engineering Multi-Disciplinary Research Theme at Northumbria University and is coordinating research in in the area of energy and transport. He is deputy UK representative on SMARTCATS (Chemistry of smart energy carriers and technologies), and EU COST Network CM1404. His research interests are in novel technological solutions to zero-net carbon thermal technologies, including novel thermodynamic and chemical conversion schemes.