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Feasibility Funding Award made to Surrey University

The first Award from the EPSRC Network+ Heating and Cooling Decarbonisation has been made to Surrey University for a project entitled Heat4All. Researchers from Surrey University will work with partners Woking Borough Council, Thameswey, UKERC, ADE  and CESI to explore how to 

minimise fuel poverty in the UK whilst simultaneously delivering Netzero targets and develop a future equitable decarbonised distributed (FEDD) heating system. The project is due to produce a report on their findings in April 2022.

Tackling the ‘Moothane’ problem - cutting greenhouse gas from livestock

Dr Andrew Smallbone is one of the leading researchers in this exciting new project researching how we can remove carbon emissions from agricultural practices

Professor Tony Roskilly leads the way in netzero maritime research

A new video released by EPSRC entitled "Making Waves - the future of Shipping" features the work of Professor Tony Roskilly and Dr Janie Ling-Chin in exploring the future potential and investment needs of hydrogen in the maritime sector.

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