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Network H+C Webinar "The impact of REMA and the increase of urban overheating" 20th October 2023

The impact of REMA on the electrification of heat

Dr. Andrew Lyden  presents findings from the Network funded project “The impact of REMA on the electrification of heat”

Dr Andrew Lyden is a  Lecturer in Energy System Economics and Management at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on advancing open-source energy system science. 

Increasing urban overheating risk from cooling

Dr. Xiaoxiong Xie presents findings from the Network funded project “Increasing urban overheating risk from cooling”

Dr Xiaoxiong Xie is a research associate at the Welsh School of Architecture, specialising in the link between outdoor and indoor environments. With expertise in city- and building-scale modelling, his research focuses on investigating the impact of global warming and local climate on urban occupants.

Network H+C Webinar "Pump Priming and distributed green hydrogen" 29th September 2023

Distributed green hydrogen for building heating and cooling

Dr. Lu Xing presents her findings from the Network funded project “Distributed green hydrogen for building heating and cooling”

Dr Xing is Associate Professor from Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering at Northumbria University. She obtained a master’s and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Oklahoma State University (United States) where she participated in multiple research projects in renewable energy technology and software development funded by the US Department of Energy and cooperated with Oakridge National Laboratory. 

Pump Priming

Dr Jake Barnes presents his research from the Network funded project “Pump priming” reviewing the take up of heat pump technologies. 

Dr Barnes is a researcher at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. His research interests include the politics and sociology of innovation and change at community through city-regional scales to national systems. 

Network H+C Webinar "Public perceptions and phase change materials" 28th July 2023

Solid-solid phase change materials for thermal energy storage

Dr Sumit Konar, University of Lincoln presents on the findings of the Network funded project “Solid-Solid Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage Applications”

Dr Konar completed his PhD at Stockholm University in 2015 and is a Principal Investigator at the University of Lincoln.

Public perceptions of Hydrogen

Professor Fiona Fylan, Head of Sustainable Behaviour, Leeds Sustainability Institute presents some of recent research on the public perceptions of using hydrogen for heating homes. 

Professor Fylan is a Health Psychologist who applies behavioural sciences to better understand behaviour and to develop and evaluate interventions to change behaviour. her research interests include energy use, transport choices, road user behaviour and healthcare provision.

Network H2 Webinar "Hydrogen production and combustion" 16th June 2023

Hydrogen: where, when and how?

Professor Rachael Rothman, Professor of Sustainable Chemical Engineering at Sheffield University. Director South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre, presents her research in Hydrogen production methodologies.

Hydrogen Engine Powertrains - Solution for future mobility

Eric Schuenemann, System Engineer for Powertrain Subsystems (PS/EPS) Bosch, presents “Hydrogen Engine Powertrains – Attractive Solutions for Future Mobility” A presentation covering the activities Bosch has undertaken so far and the challenges and next steps in making H2 ICE a realisation

Network H+C Webinar "Opportunities for Geothermal and Thermochemical Energy" 26th May 2023

NetZero GeoRDIE

Professor David Manning, Professor of Soil Science, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University, will present on the EPSRC funded “Netzero GeoRDIE” project – Net Zero Geothermal Research for District Infrastructure Engineering”

Modelling Analysis of a Thermochemical Energy Storage Reactor

Yong Zhang, Postgraduate Student in the Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group at Nottingham University, presents research findings for the “Modelling Analysis of a Thermochemical Energy Storage Reactor Embedded with a Novel Internal Heat Exchanger” project

Network H+C Webinar "Consumer disruption and the history of cooling" 28th April 2023

The Four Generations of District Cooling

Professor Poul Ostergaard, is a Professor in energy planning within the Department of Planning in Aalborg Universitet, Denmark.  Poul presents recent research in “The four generations of district cooling – A categorization of the development in district cooling from origin to future prospect”

Deliberating disruption:public perceptions of low carbon heating technologies and infrastructure

Dr Gareth Thomas is a Research Associate in the school of Psychology in Cardiff University. Gareth’s presentation covers research on “Deliberating disruption:public perceptions of low carbon heating technologies and infrastructure”

Network H2 Webinar, "Hydrogen Combustion for Aerospace Turbines" 21st April 2023

Hydrogen Combustion for aerospace turbines

Dr Mark Brend, Research Fellow in the Applied Aerodynamics group at Loughborough University presents his research on “Hydrogen Combustion for Aerospace Gas Turbines”

Network H+C Webinar "The Electrification of Heat" 24th March 2023

Modelling Building, national and global heating & cooling with

Dr Iain Staffell from the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College, London presents his research in “Modelling Building, national and global heating & cooling with”

The Electrification of Heat

Dr Matthew Aylott, Electrification of Heat Policy Lead for the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, presents on the Department’s recent demonstration project “The Electrification of Heat”

Network H+C Webinar "LATENT and Solar Thermal Energy Systems" 24th February 2023

Advanced Seasonal Solar Thermal Energy using Thermochemical-Compression Technology for Domestic Space Heating Applications

Dr Saleh Meibodi, Research Associate at Durham University,  presents findings from the EPSRC funded Solar S&HP project. “Advanced Seasonal Solar Thermal Energy using Thermochemical-Compression Technology for Domestic Space Heating Applications” 

Residential Heat as an Energy System Service - ”LATENT”

Professor Patrick James, Professor of Energy and Buildings, University of Southampton, presents the findings of the Residential Heat as an Energy System Service – ”LATENT” project. Professor James is the Principal Investigator of LATENT, an EPSRC funded study looking into the potential of heat as a service to support the decarbonisation of electrical (heat pump) heating in the UK. 

Network H2 Webinar, "Advanced propulsion and marine applications" 17th February 2023

Ammonia and Hydrogen IC research at UoN

Professor Alasdair Cairns is Chair in Propulsion Systems at the Faculty of Engineering, Nottingham University. His presentation covers the MariNH3 project, which seeks to overcome the key related technical, economic and social unknowns of ammonia as a fuel through flexible, multidisciplinary research.

Hydrogen Powered Zero-Emission Engines for Future Transport

Dr Xinyan Wang, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow on advanced fuel and propulsion technologies for future low carbon and zero carbon transport at Brunel University, presents his research in “Hydrogen Powered Zero-Emission Engines for Future Transport.”

Network H+C Webinar, "Heat Sharing; Prosumers, Opportunities and Costs" 27th January 2023

Opportunities and costs for shared ground heat exchange

Dr David Barns, Research Fellow at Leeds University, presents his research in “Opportunities and costs for shared ground heat exchange”

Balanced Heating and Cooling Networks - Modelling and Simulation

Dr Michael Taylor and Dr Wu Gao, Research Associates in the School of Engineering, Cardiff University, present their research “Balanced Heating and Cooling Networks – Modelling and Simulation”

Launch of the EERA JP EEIP White Paper "Industrial Thermal Energy Storage", 13th December 2022

The launch of the European Energy Research Alliance’s Joint Programme for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes White Paper on “Industrial Thermal Energy Storage – Supporting the transition to decarbonise industry” which took place on the 13th September. 

Further details of the paper and to download a copy here : DU WP Ind TES web or from the EERA website here: Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes – News & Resources (

Network H+C Webinar, "The Circular Economy and climate-responsive buildings" 2nd December 2022

Towards a Circular Economy for Cooling

Dr Jesus Lizana is a Marie Curie Fellow in the Future of Cooling Programme at Oxford Martin School. His research interests are the cross-disciplinary challenges to support the transition towards low carbon climate-responsive buildings. His presentation covers his research on “Low carbon climate-responsive buildings”.

Low carbon climate-responsive buildings

Dr Jesus Lizana is a Marie Curie Fellow in the Future of Cooling Programme at Oxford Martin School. His research interests are the cross-disciplinary challenges to support the transition towards low carbon climate-responsive buildings. His presentation covers his research on “Low carbon climate-responsive buildings”.

Network H+C Webinar, "Cooling in Indian Homes" 28th October 2022

Dispatchable Air Conditioning in Indian Homes (DAC)

Dr Andrew Peacock is an Associate Professor in the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society at Heriot-Watt University. His research interests include renewable energy generation, energy management and energy efficiency in buildings


Community-scale Energy Demand Reduction in India

Professor David Jenkins is Professor of Energy and Buildings, leading the Urban Energy Research Group (UERG) at Heriot-Watt’s Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Building Design. His presentation covers some of his research in the recent CEDRI project “Community-scale Energy Demand Reduction in India”

Network H+C Webinar, "Heat4All and Smart Square at Warwick" 30th September 2022

SmartSquare at Warwick University

Dr Ángeles Rivero Pacho, Assistant Professor, University of Warwick presents her research as part of LoT-NET, Low Temperature Heat Recovery and Distribution Network Technologies 


Dr Lirong Liu, Lecturer at the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Surrey presents the findings of her project “Heat4All: Economics-informed optimisation model for future equitable decarbonised distributed heating systems”.

Network H2 Academic Symposium " Hydrogen Fuelled Transportation" 20-22nd September 2022

Day 3 : "Hydrogen Transport; Policy and Societal Aspects" 22nd September

Presentations from; Claire Thornhill, Frontier Economics,  Tian Zhao, University of Copenhagen, Sally Springer, Forschungszentrum Julich, IEK-STE, Professor Stuart Hillmansen, University of Birmingham, Panagiotis Manias, University of Southampton, Amber Conway, Durham University

Day 2 : "Hydrogen Combustion; Distribution & Storage" 21st September

Presentations from;  Dr Naomi Allen, Aerospace Technology Institute, Fangyu Zhang, University of Birmingham,  Dr Penny Atkins, University of Brighton, Dr Alessandro Giampieri, Durham University,  Dr Colleen Jackson, Imperial College,  Professor Tim Mays, University of Bath, Aaron Keith, Queen Mary’s University, London,  Dr Efstathios Tingas, Edinburgh Napier University and  Dr Sumit Roy, Durham University

Day 1: "Hydrogen Transport Applications" 20th September 2022

Presentations from;  William Darby, Element Energy, Dr Ramin Raeesi, University of Kent Dr Christa Searle, Heriot-Watt University,  Dr Eni Oko, Newcastle University, Jessie Smith, Cambridge University’  Philippa Oldham, Advanced Propulsion Centre, Dr Sivaprakash Sengodan, Imperial College and Dr Tamer Kamel, University of Plymouth

Network H+C Webinar, 24th June 2022 "Thermal energy transport and INTEGRATION"

Integrating seasoNal Thermal storagE to decArbonise Energy"

Professor Daniel Friedrich, Chair of Energy Systems at Edinburgh University presents the research within the INTEGRATE: Integrating seasoNal Thermal storagE with multiple enerGy souRces to decArbonise Thermal Energy’ project which will evaluate the potential of Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) systems to facilitate the decarbonisation of heating and cooling.

Characterisation of Metal Hydride Alloys for Heat Pumps

Professor Yunting Ge, Professor of Building service Engineering at London South Bank University, presents on the H2-Heat project, which is investigating strategies for a novel concept of decarbonising district heating and cooling system (H2-heat) using the integration of metal hydride (MH) heat pump on site, long distance hydrogen and heat transport, and MH heating and cooling for end users.

Network H2 Webinar, 17th June 2022, "Hydrogen Standards and applications in Rail

Development of a Smart Hybrid Drive Systems for Railways

Dr Tamer Kamel, University of Birmingham, presents interim findings from the Network H2 funded project “Development of a smart hybrid drive system with advanced hydrogen refuelling logistics for railway applications”

Safety Standards for Hydrogen in the Rail Sector

Dr Stuart Hillmansen, Reader in Railway Traction Systems, University of Birmingham, presents on the Network H2 funded project researching Safety Standards for Hydrogen in the Rail Sector. 

Network H+C Webinar, 27th May 2022, "Cooling demand and heating churches"

"Flex-Cool-Store" UK Cooling Demand

Professor Carlos Ugalde, Professor of Electrical Power Systems, Cardiff University and Dr Mehri Khosravi, an Environmental Social Scientist from University of Exeter present findings from EPSRC funded “Flex-Cool-Store” project.

Church Decarbonisation

Dr Yousaf Khalid, Research Associate at Durham University discusses his findings from the EPSRC funded, Church of England Digital Twin project, which seeks to identify the most effective pathway to reaching Netzero Heat by 2030.

Network H2 Webinar, 20th May 2022 "Techno economics and infrastructure for Hydrogen Transport"

Techno-economic feasibility study of hydrogen fuelled transport

Dr Ramin Raeesi, Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Management Science at Kent Business School (KBS), presents the findings of the Network-H2 funded project “Techno-economic feasibility study of hydrogen-fuelled freight transport”.

Analysis of a strategic hydrogen infrastructure

Dr Christa Searle, Assistant Professor in operations management and logistics at Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh presents the findings of the Network-H2 funded research project ATHENA “Analysis of a Strategic Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure”

Network H2 Webinar, 29th April 2022 "Hydrogen storage and Transport Acceleration"

Scotland's Hydrogen Accelerator

Fiona Landy is Delivery Manager for Scottish Cities Alliance’s Hydrogen Strategy – ‘Kick Starting a Hydrogen Economy across Scottish Cities’, and will present on recent work supporting the H2 Accelerator.

Network H+C Webinar, 22nd April 2022 "Materials for Sustainable Heat"

Advanced hybrid thermochemical-compression seasonal solar energy storage and heat pump system

Dr Ahmad Najjaran-Kheirabadi, Research Associate at Durham University presents on some of the findings from his recent research. 

Fabrication and characterisation of the innovative vermiculite-salt hydrate composites

Dr Yanan Zhang of Nottingham University, presents on recent research from the EPSRC funded  project ThermoStore. 

Network H+C Webinar, 25th March 2022 "Smart local energy and ground source heating systems"

Ground source heat pump innovation

Dr Matthew Trewhella, Chief Executive Officer of Kensa Contracting, presents his views on the past, present and future of ground source heating.

How Smart Local Energy systems can overcome barriers

Dr Madeleine Morris and Dr Jeff Hardy of the Energy Revolution Consortium, Imperial College present the findings from their recent working paper “Decarbonisation of heat:How smart local energy systems can contribute”

Network-H2 Webinar, 18th March 2022 "Clean Gas Engines and supply challenges for Trucks"

Challenges in growing energy supply for Tevva

Dr Harsh Pershad, Head of Hydrogen, Tevva Trucks presents the  “Challenges in growing energy supply” for Tevva’s zero emission trucks  

OakTec's Clean Air Gas Engine

Paul Andrews,  Chief Executive of OakTec,  presents on the company’s development of the OakTEC Clean Air Gas Engine and the trial in the Orkneys. 

Network-H2 Webinar, 25th February 2022 "Interim findings from Network funded research"

Computational analysis of zero-carbon H2 thermal engine

Dr Stathis Tingas of Edinburgh Napier University presents the interim results of his research project looking at “Computational analysis of a zero-carbon hydrogen fuelled thermal engine for heavy duty transport applications”

Development of an onboard ammonia cracking system

Dr Eni Oko of University of Hull and Professor Edward Gobina of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen present the interim findings from the research project looking at “Development of a compact and highly efficient onboard ammonia cracking system to produce hydrogen in a hydrogen-fuelled long haul civil airliner”

Network H+C Webinar, 18th February '22 "Geothermal regulation and the future of home heating"

The future of home heating

Dr Richard Hanna of Imperial College,  London presents on the recent report “The future of Home Heating – The roles of heat pumps & hydrogen”

Geothermal Regulation

Dr Anna McClean from the NetZero GeoRDIE project presents her research on “Using Geothermal Energy to Heat our Homes”.

Network H+C Webinar, 28th January 2022 "Heating decarbonisation policy, strategy and impacts"

Heat decarbonisation in the midst of a global gas crisis

Dr Richard Lowes, Senior Associate with RAP (Regulatory Assistance Project) presents his thoughts on “Heat decarbonisation in the midst of a global gas crisis”

The Electrification of Heat

 Sarah Bailey, Network Impacts of Electrification of Heat Lead, Clean Heat Directorate, BEIS,  presents on the UK Government strategy for decarbonising heat

Network-H2 Webinar, 21st January 2022 "Hydrogen, Buses and Sustainable mobility"

Practical implementation of H2 in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands

Carin Biegnole, Consultant with Conversion presents on her work supporting public-private partnership development in Utrecht as part of the EU LIFE NEW HYTS: reNEWable green Hydrogen for TranSport Provincie Utrecht project.

Wrightbus: Driving a Greener Future

Tom Greenshields, Business Development Manager for Wrightbus presents the company development to date and plans for the future of sustainable mobility.

Network-H2 Webinar, 17th December 21 "Pathways to sustainable hydrogen production and supply"

Model-based process design for green hydrogen systems

Jorge Agueverre, Principal Consultant Engineer and Practice Director for Electrochemical Cells and Reactors at Siemens presents on their approach to model-based process design for green hydrogen systems.

Whole-System Hydrogen Value Chain for Optimisation

Dr Sheila Samsatli from the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Bath presents on her research into the whole-system hydrogen value chain optimisation.


Network-H+C Webinar, 14th December 21 "Next Generation Energy Performance Certificates"

Next Generation Energy Performance Certificates

A joint event with the Energy Technology Partnership, Scotland. The presentations cover the current policy landscape in Scotland and the rest of the UK for Energy Performance Certification.

Speakers are: 

Dr Jenny Crawley, University College London, Prof David Jenkins, Heriot-Watt University, Dr Janie Ling-Chin, Durham University, Patrick Mason, Scottish Government, Josh Wakeling, Elmhurst Energy

Network-H2 Webinar, 26th November 21 "Hydrogen uses within Rail"


Chris Smith, Managing Director of G-Volution presents on their current work on developing cleaner fuels for diesel trains. 

Chris founded G-volution in 2008 and remains the Managing Director, and a major shareholder in the company.

H2 goes Rail

Presentation from Paul Baines, Sales Director, Siemens Mobility Limited, Rolling Stock  His presentation covers the joint project between Siemens and Deutsche Bahn.

Paul leads the commercial and bid development teams within Siemen’s.

Hydrogen in Rail Traction

Presentation from Steven Hart, Lead Strategic Planner, Network Rail covering Network Rails’ Traction Decarbonisation Strategy. 

Network-H2 Webinar, 22nd October 21 "Hydrogen Policy and Economics"

Hydrogen development and policy implications

Presentation from Thalia Skoufa, Transport Practice Manager – Energy Systems Catapult on their research and publications on the decarbonisation of the transport sector, energy supply for electric and hydrogen vehicles, and infrastructure requirements to support the uptake of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

Hydrogen production and supply challenges for Transport

Presentation from Martin Lambert, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies on “Hydrogen production, supply challenges and transport applications”.   Martin joined OIES in 2017 and now specialises in renewable gas and hydrogen.

Durham Heat Hub Webinar, 23rd September, "Minewater Heat - Unlocking Opportunities"

Minewater Heat - Unlocking Opportunities

Presentations  from Bill Kirkup, CAG Consultants, Belinda Humphrey, Gateshead Council, Dr Charlotte Adams, Coal Authority and Professor Jeroen Van Hunen, Durham University all exploring the challenges and recommendations recently published in the NELEP White Paper on “Minewater Heat – Unlocking Opportunities”

Network-H2 Webinar, 17th Sept 21 "Hydrogen for Transport Policy"

Hydrogen for Transport policy

Presentation from Dr Bob Moran, Head of Environment Strategy at the UK’s Department for Transport covering the latest government thinking around Hydrogen for Transport and its place in the Transport Decarbonisation Strategy.

Network-H2 Webinar, 18th June 2021 "Hydrogen compatible materials and safety"

Hydrogen Compatible materials and safety

Presentation from Dr Marcel Wetegrove of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology covering his research on novel hydrogen barrier coatings

Network-H2 Webinar - 21st May 2021 "Multimodal Transport, Logistics and Autonomy"

Fuel Cell solutions for marine applications

Presentation from Kristina Floche Juelsgaard, Director Business Development, Ballard Power Systems

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Power Solutions for Heavy-Duty Applications

Presentation from David Yorke, Marketing Manager with Ballard Power Systems Europe

Net Zero Research Conference 20-23rd April

Presentations from Network-H2 Webinar 19th March 2021

Three ways to make sure that hydrogen is no longer "always in the future"

Presentation from Julian Renz of Zeroavia, leading the work on the Cranfield-based HyFlyer I and II programmes, which aims to demonstrate 300mile zero-emission flights.

The five Ws and How of Hydrogen in Aviation

Presentation from Dr Cristina Garcia Duffy, Head of Technology at the Aerospace Technology Institute with responsibility for the development and delivery of the Institute’s sustainability vision for the aerospace sector.


Durham Heat Hub Webinar - Skills and Training for Netzero

A half day seminar on 25th February 2021, exploring the challenges in meeting the skills and training needs within the Heat Sector for the net zero transition. Featuring presentations from the; North East LEP, Enginuity, Association for Decentralised Energy, New College Durham, the Heat Academy and Durham University Centre for Doctoral Training In Energy. 

Chaired by Dr Barbara Vest



Presentations from Network-H2 Webinar - 19th February 2021, Compact and lightweight energy conversion devices

Network H2 - The EVERYWH2ERE project

Dr Stefano Barberis of RINA , presents on the work and findings of the EVERYWH2ERE project (


Network H2 - The H2Boat project

 Dr Lorenzo Di Fresco of BluEnergy Revolution provides a presentation on their developed hydrogen based energy pack for nautical sector. Further details on BluEnergy Revolution can be found here.


Presentations from Network-H2 Webinar 29th January 2021

Compact on board hydrogen storage systems

Presentation from Dr Stuart Hawksworth, Head Of the Centre for Energy & Major Hazards and President of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (IAHySafe). Stuart’s presentation covers “Safety around high pressure h2storage”

Compact on board hydrogen storage systems

Presentation from Assistant Professor Julian Jepsen of Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht on “Compact and safe hydrogen storage in metal hydrides”

Durham Heat Hub Webinar - 17th December 2020

Heat Storage Research, Technology and Practical Applications

Presentations from Drs Huashan Bao and Zhiwei Ma of Durham Energy Institute, Dr Charlotte Adams from the Coal Authority, Dr Stephen Thomas, OGI Groundwater Specialists and Lukas Bergmann of Sunamp.

Presentations from Network-H2 Webinar 20th November 2020

Sustainable pathways to hydrogen production and distribution

from Professor Robert Steinberger-Wilckens, Professor of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research, University of Birmingham 

Sustainable pathways to hydrogen distribution

from Beth Dawson, Major Projects Lead, Fuel Cell Systems 

Durham Heat Hub Webinar - 28th October 2020

Durham Heat Hub Webinar - 28th October

Presentations from Durham County Council, National Energy Action, East Durham Community Trust, Northern Powergrid, Solar Capture Technologies and Durham Energy Institute

Presentations from Network-H2 Webinar 16th October 2020

Hydrogen supply chains from an environmental point of view

by Dr Christina Wulf of Forschungszentrum  Julich

Starting the market for fuel cell vehicles

by Joe Stevenson, Commercial Director of Arcola Energy

Video Presentations from Transport Decarbonisation Symposium - 29th September 2020

The economics of Hydrogen Technology

Fourth Year Engineering student, David Walker describes his research on the economics of hydrogen technology

Hydrogen fuelled Aviation

Fourth year Engineering student, Ellie Bacon presents her research on Hydrogen fuelled Aviation.

Hydrogen for maritime use

Fourth year Engineering student, Imogen Sheppard. presents her research on Hydrogen for maritime use. 

Hydrogen Buses

Fourth year Engineering student, Megan Wilkes presents her research on Hydrogen buses. 

Hydrogen fuelled cars and trucks

Durham Energy Institute researcher, Alessandro Giampieri presents his research on Hydrogen fuelled cars and trucks. 

Options for Hydrogen

Durham Energy Institute Fellow, Dr Janie Ling-Chin summarises the options for Hydrogen.