The Network-H2 team

Professor Tony Roskilly is Chair of Energy Systems at Durham University, a Director of the Durham Energy Institute and Associate Director of the EPSRC Centre for Energy Systems Integration. Previously, he was Director of the Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research and Chair of Marine Engineering at Newcastle University, with 30 years experience in the design, control and optimisation of transport and energy systems
Chief Scientific Adviser for the UK Department of Transport (DfT) and Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems at Newcastle University. Research on ULEVs, energy, transport and the Future of Mobility.
Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering at Durham University. On-going projects on Industrial CCS, Hydrogen for SMART Mobility, decarbonisation of heating and cooling, energy and EV range-extenders.

Our management team

Dr Janie Ling Chin is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Engineering at Durham University. She has managed and carried out transport/energy research across multiple EPSRC-funded networks.
Jacki is a Chartered Civil Engineer, with twenty years of experience in project management, event organisation and communications. She provides administrative support on the daily management of Network-H2.

Our technical team

Professor Keith Scott’s research activities include water to hydrogen electrolysis and next-generation fuel cell technology.
Dr Mohamed Mamlouk is a Senior Lecturer for the School of Engineering at Newcastle University with an area of expertise in Electrochemical Engineering Science.
Professor Barrie Mecrow is a Professor of Electrical Power and has been a member of the Power Electronics, Drives and Machines group at Newcastle University since 1987.
Group leader for the electric power drive trains for electric vehicles he was responsible for power electronic systems, electric drives and vehicle electrical systems for electric-, hybrid- and fuel cell vehicles.
As Strategic Research Adviser, Dr Peter Malkin’s current research activities are Electric and Hybrid Aircraft.
Dr Dawei Wu’s current research is developing advanced power generation units for marine and heavy duty vehicles.
Research projects include strategic development of transport systems, energy efficiency of urban and mainline rail systems, urban mobility and sustainability and development of rail concepts.
An Associate Professor in Engineering at Durham University and an active researcher working on energy systems (using sustainable, clean and renewable energy).
Professor Nilanjan Chakraborty’s current research interests include Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of Turbulent Combustion and Large Eddy Simulation (LES combustion modelling.
Professor Brian Shaw’s research interests include material testing, gear fatigue mechanisms and transmission performance.
Professor Margaret Bell was awarded the CBE in 2006 for services to Sustainable Transport. Her research interests include air quality sensing from on-road transportation.
Professor Elisabetta Cherchi’s research interest includes understanding what drives individuals to adapt and adopt new forms of mobility, in particular sustainable mobility, smart mobility and driverless cars.
Professor Mark Robinson is the director of NewRail and leads the Future Mobility Group. His research interests include the development and application of lightweight materials for rail vehicles and crashworthy composite structures.
Tom is a Rail Freight & Logistics Research Manager and his research interests include Sustainable Transport Logistics
Dr Rose Norman is a Lecturer in Marine Electrical Systems and has interests in hybrid and electric marine propulsion, motor drive systems, waste energy recovery and onshore power supplies.